Teaching Courses


Optical Astronomy
(Uni Bonn)

The aim is to acquire, reduce, and analyse optical imaging data, including a lot of hands on work, as carrying on observations with AIfA's telescope for two galaxy clusters. These data are subsequently reduced, calibrated, and photometrically analysed, with the goal to estimate the cluster redshifts from the multi-band photometry. The class also covers related topics such as the preparation of observing proposals, CCDs, and large-area imaging surveys.


Advanced Laboratory Course (Uni Bonn)

The aim is to introduce modern oberserving and data reduction techniques in optical astronomy. The experiment constit of two part: the first part is the reduction of provided data containing lensed quasars in order to estimate the Hubble constant H_0, the second part is the observation of an exoplanet transit with AIfA's telescope in order to extract a light curve of the transit, or the analysis of some characteristics of CCD camera.